The pint-size light with tons of punch 

Small crews can have big dreams. That's what BLENDER® Lights are made for. They are versatile, simple, and most of all, practical.

• New generation LED light with the power and flexibility to simplify shooting.

• Nice and natural looking shots in a fraction of the time needed to set and adjust traditional lights.

• Runs off wall power or batteries - even your own type of camcorder batteries with "D-tap" or optional battery sled.

Variable color temperature with no fuss

Why fight available light? Without filters or gels you can create pleasing, directional, natural looking white light.

• Power and color temperature adjustability beyond first generation LED lights.

• From daylight to office fluorescents to desk lamps; your subject lighting blends in with just two simple dials.

• Just white balance, to blend your light in with the available light. No need for advanced technical expertise or any complex modes or programming.

Go to the Lowel site: Get complete information on the latest generation Lowel BLENDER® Lights from the source.